Friday, January 7, 2011

Ted Williams Interview on Today Show - Homeless Man with Golden Voice

WOW!!! I am sharing this for several different reasons. One because I think it is something that everyone should hear about, so in case any of my blogger friends haven't heard this story, here you go! Another reason I am posting this is because for some reason it has really touched my heart. I won't lie and say that I have a real tender spot for panhandlers, in fact I would say it is just the opposite. I am sometimes angered by them but always curious, how did they end up here, what is their story? That is where I usually come up with my own prejudged opinion, "another life wasted on drugs". Now, for those friends that know me well and know my past know that in some way I have a "right", for lack of a better word to feel this way. I detest drugs, despise them, they are evil and I have always made a choice for very, very personal reasons not to give money to panhandles!! I have seen first hand heartache and damage from drug abuse, I could write a book, I probably should write a book. Hey there is an idea! ha. So in saying all this I must admit this Ted Williams story has touched my heart. As a christian I should be sharing Christ's love and emotions towards the homeless, panhandlers. I will add here that I have often taken food to panhandlers but I don't give them money. Jesus wants us to show love, our God is the God of second chances, isn't that great!! He has at some point given most, if not all of us a second chance so why not reach out to someone like this!!! I am asking all of my blogger friends to join me in praying for Ted Williams, that he may remain clean (two years clean) and strong and wise, seeking God in all his decisions, to make good choices so that in years to come he will be a blessing on his family and an inspiration to people everywhere!!