Friday, January 7, 2011

This is copied from a newspaper clipping my mama put in my baby book 32 years ago...

Today's farmer is a pardox-he is an executive with his home in his office;

a laborer digging fence post holes;

a dietitian with a passion for alfalfa, amino acids and antibiotics;

an engineering genius fixing machinery;

a scientist using fertilizer attachments;

a purchasing agent in an old straw hat-

a production expert with a grain shippin problem;

a personnel director with grease under his fingernails;

a manager battling a cost-price squeeze;

in short, a specialist, yet "Jack of all trades."

He likes plenty of food and dinner at noon,

He likes auctions and fairs--drives miles to get there--

gives him a chance to have a nice chat with that neighbor from the farm next to his.

He likes sunshine and rain if not too much or too little

as long as it comes on the days he has chosen.

He's not sold on droughts, gullies, weeds, eight-hour days, daylight savings time, grasshoppers or helping with housework.

Farmers are found in fields--plowing up, seeding down, rotating around, planting in, fertilizing on, spraying for, and harvesting from.

Wives help them,

little boys follow them,

city relatives visit them,

salesmen detain them or wait for them,

weather can delay them

but only Heaven can stop them!!!

And this my friends, is just how it is!!!!!