Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Wow!! Christmas is such a special time of year but somehow no matter how hard I try it gets a little hectic!!  I am the girl who has most if not all of my shopping done by Thanksgiving and this year was no exception, in fact I had everything wrapped by Thanksgiving this year!!!  It's nuts I know but my kids are only in school two days a week and when they are out for the holidays I have no time unless I am paying a sitter so I just assume finish my shopping and hang out with them.  I started last year giving the kids a Hallmark ornament for Christmas.  I love starting collections for them, I am very sentimental and I hope when they are older it will be just as special to them as it is to me.  My tradition is to have their ornament wrapped so that they can open it the night we put the tree up.  It is always fun to see what they will think of what I chose for them.

Another tradition that we started last year was going to look at the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  It was especially fun this year because the kids are at such a super fun age.  We always go to see the Lewis lights in Purvis which is just amazing! 

After the kids play with their Santa stuff we load up and head to the farm on Christmas afternoon to celebrate with the Ard's.  Can I just say crazy, fun, loud madness!!! hahahaha  My mama loves Christmas as much as I do and it shows at her house.  Excitement is bubbling over in the air at Papa and Gigi's house!!  It is tradition at the farm that before we open any gifts I read the "real" Christmas story to the kids, well actually everyone gathers around to hear about the birth of baby Jesus.  It is so fun to see what all the kids get and to see what their reactions are.

I know last year I blogged about this but one of my favorite traditions that me and mama do is when she hides money on the Christmas tree!  Every year she hides a $100 bill on an ornament and I have to search the tree and check all the ornaments until I find my money :)!!!  Maybe next year I will trick mama and hide something for her on her own tree. 

Needless to say Christmas wears me out, in fact our family has been away from home every weekend since Thanksgiving until this weekend and the only reason we are here now is because Cash is sick, otherwise we would be at the farm having his party.  I am worn out and tired of being in the car and am ready for a little break! :) 

family tradition, going to the Lewis lights on  Christmas Eve

Gotta love Santa on a John Deere

The Bearenstain Bears are our favorites!!

Cash and Arden leaving marshmallows out for the reindeer!!

Snow Village

more snow village

more snow village

i love our Christmas cards! I save them every year

Master P with his present from me, a picture of his PaPaw

Cash giving Ella a ride on his 4-wheeler!