Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh the things she says and does...

She being Arden of course, aka: sugar plum, sugar britches, little girl and BOSSY BRITCHES!  I haven't blogged in a week or two for one  my computer has been on the blink and ended up in the shop and for two I feel like I have been running in circles since  Christmas!  I have found that I barely have time in the day to do normal things like laundry, cooking, cleaning, chasing two toddlers etc etc etc... I guess I am not good at time management but also the things that I would like to make time for are things that just seem totally impossible to do with two little ones in the house.  I would love to sew more, I cut out a pattern three days ago and haven't touched it since! ha  oh well, they are only little once and as frustrating as some days can be I truly am humbled and honored to be their mommy.  Even if it means sacrificing "me" stuff.  It's worth it.

So Arden has proven she carries the "Ard humor gene" too.  Earlier in the week Cash announced to me that Arden was changing her diaper.  Puzzled by what he was talking about I stuck my head into the living room to see my sweet girl laying naked from her waist down on the floor.  Her wet diaper was lying next to her, she had actually placed the new diaper under her boohiney just has it was supposed to be and was attempting to fasten the tabs.  When she saw me looking at her she said "I gone do it by meself".  Hallelujah praise Jesus, it is about time!! I am thrilled to turn over diaper duty to Arden!!  Whew! One less thing for me to do! I sure hope she potty trains herself.

Last night on the way to church Cash was talking and talking telling me all kinds of "stories" that he was making up as he went along.  I guess Arden realized she wasn't going to get a word in because he wasn't letting up and so all of sudden she yelled at him "Put a sock in it Cash"!  I am sure you are all wondering where she heard that from and it was me!  That is what I say to Cash when he starts melting down and whining.

And drum roll more paci!!  It was SO much easier than I had thought it would be.  She turned 2 in November and taking it before then was not a big issue for us.  However one thing rolled right into another and it just hasn't happened until now.  First it was deer hunting, as much as Patrick would have loved for me to take it away while he was on one of his extended hunting trips I was not about to do that.  I didn't want to suffer through that all by myself.  She ended up spending the night with Uncle Jason and lost it.  When it was time for bed he told her that Ugly Puppy got it and she slept without it all night.  She then went on the entire next day without it so when I picked her up she had gone 30+ hours without it so that was it for me.  She was pretty fussy the first day back home but has done great! Much better than I thought because this baby LOVED her paci!!  I am thinking of taking up the habit for myself, maybe it will soothe me when I am on overload. .