Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little bit of sweetness along the way....

Either Cash or Arden one have been sick since last Thursday which makes mama pretty tired, irritable, teary eyed, anxious, heavy hearted etc... you get the idea.  So when one of them does  something so precious during a "sick stage" it makes it even more special to me because a sweet little reminder from my favorite people in the world are sometimes just what I need to be encouraged.  Yesterday Arden woke up from a long nap and as usual I went to get her from her crib except this time she didn't want me.  She was fussing a little and asking for Cash.  I could tell she didn't feel that great and all she wanted was her little buddy Cash.  So I carried her to the couch where ailing Cash was watching Berenstain Bears and told him that Arden was crying for him.  To that he said "come here Arden, you can lay with me and I will hold you".  Yep, that is good stuff right there and good for a Mama's heart!!

Today Arden wanted me to lay down with her and since she was running fever ( and only for that reason, not once did I really WANT to be forced to lay down) I gave in to her bossiness!  After a little time had passed Cash came in and said he wanted to lay with us.  So there I was in the middle of the two most precious things in my life and Arden reaches over pats my arm and says "you got your two babies mama".  Indeed I did!  Thank you Lord for these moments!! 

My sweet babies snuggling together!!